As a singer, I have always thought that the voice and music were powerful tools for well-being and healing

That’s why I have added them to my Yoga classes. Movement, voice, sound and vibration increase the positive effects of Yoga on people. That’s why I have been developing my method, Resonance Yoga, where we use our voice while doing Asanas. We sing Mantras, intuitive sounds and vowels, depending of the intention of the Asana. By combining sound to movement we get a deeper connection with our body. An opportunity arises in us to let go of what we no longer need. We induce and feel a sensation of release.


I also use musical instruments for intuitive sound bathing and specific exercises.

The sound of our voice and instruments bring us to a higher conscious state of mind, allowing a better relaxation, resonating through the cells and fluids of our body, inviting us into a wonderful musical journey.

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