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[cmsms_dropcap type=”type2″]I[/cmsms_dropcap] still remember the first time I set foot on Madeira Island. As soon as I landed, I had this nice comforting sensation. I immediately felt like I was home.

There is indeed, a powerful energy coming from all directions, inviting you to reconnect yourself with nature. Basically, you are on a little rock with trees and flowers everywhere, big mountains and ocean view wherever you are. When you look at the horizon, you feel as though you were alone. That is the magic of Madeira and that is why I have been living here for 16 years.

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The island is calm, peaceful, surrounded with nature, with breathtaking landscapes. You could essentially practice Yoga anywhere. And since everything is nearby, you are always close to a beautiful spot where you can practice.

Madeira is also a perfect choice to beat the winter blues. Blessed with mild temperatures all year round, allowing for pleasant outdoor Yoga.

My favorite spots to practice Yoga are at the Prainha Beach in Caniçal (Eastern Coast) on nights of Full Moon; on the enchanted Laurisilva Florest of Fanal, amongst centenary trees (UNESCO named the Laurisilva forest of Madeira a World Heritage Site in 1999), or on the highest peak of the Island, contemplating the sunrise above a sea of clouds.

The island is safe, peaceful and perfect for family holidays. Funchal, the capital, is a small town, where you take nice walks, do some shopping or rest in its beautiful gardens.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, people are happy and very welcoming. Madeira is adapted for all travelers’ tastes and offers all kind of accommodation. From little cottages on the mountains to fancy hotels in the capital, you will be sure to find your happiness.

Lastly, let’s talk about food. Madeira´s gastronomy is very rich, succulent and made with fresh food. More and more restaurants offer vegetarian options, and you can find organic veggies and fruits almost anywhere in the island. I particularly like to go to the organic market, every Wednesdays, in Funchal. If you go to little villages on the North Coast, you will find people selling organic food on the road. They are locals, living of only agriculture.

With this in mind, don’t you think Madeira is perfect for a Yoga retreat?

Are you ready to discover beautiful Madeira?

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See you soon,


Emilie M.