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A long time ago, a friend of mine told me about the Boom Festival. She had just come back from there and she told me about her beautiful experience. I still remember the light on her eyes when she explained her adventure in Boomland. I was curious and promised myself I would go there 2 years later.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend and again I promised myself I would go there in 2 years. Indeed, this festival happens every 2 years.

So, in 2016, me and my sister went to Boom, for the first time. Our experience already started in the way to the festival. We met lots of Boomers on the road between Lisbon and Idanha-a-nova. And when we arrived at the entrance gate, we were like two kids getting a toy. We were finally there!

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We had decided that as it was our first festival, we would only stay 4 days. And I can say it was 4 magical days.

I had this amazing sensation that I knew the place and that I was at home! You can dress the way you want, you can dance, sing, and nobody will have this judgement eyes at you! Boom is FREEDOM, Boom is a return to our homes, Boom is friendship, happiness, smiles, hugs, brothers and sisters hood.

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We met so many beautiful souls, which whom we had so interesting conversation. So many people and we never saw a sign of violence! Just love everywhere.

The most emotive and energetic moments happened every end of day, when everybody would stop what he was doing and just salute the sun, which was going to sleep. So much vibration and resonance in our bodies. No words to explain…

Everything was perfect, from the camping place to the yummy food. I have to salute the organization, who are amazing! All details are thought for our well-being, security and fun. And the decorations…. well… stunning. Once again, no words to explain… You have to experience it!

We assisted to excellent concerts, with lots of variety. There are for all tastes!
And the plus is the lake. I remember we spent so many hours in the water.

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After all, Boom is a perfect way to connect with the nature. Settled in the middle of nowhere, with trees and a lake. What else? That’s the perfect opportunity if you need a break on your crazy life!

I have to admit that for 4 days we were in utopia land and when I came back to the real life, it was quite hard.
It took me a while to go back to reality, but I took with me a little bit of Boom, in my life.
From now on, Boom would be a sister’s retreat, to be repeated every 2 years…

From 2016 to 2017, my life completely changed. I left the software business to live my dream: being a Yoga Teacher full time. And of course, my dream was to teach at Boom.

I have to admit that I was a bit afraid to apply but I got courage and sent my online application. Two months later I received a message saying that Boom Team loved my proposal! I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it!

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So now it’s official, I will teach Resonance Yoga at Boom Festival! And I will be there with my favorite assistants: my sister Laurie and my friend Lidiane. Two beautiful souls, very special to me.

My dream came true and I am so grateful. It reminds me that it’s important to never give up of your dreams, even the craziest ones. Just follow what you love, do it with passion and continue dreaming.

See you at Boom! Can’t wait to be back at Boomland, can’t wait to see you there, can’t wait to share Yoga with you!

With love,