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Long before I started practicing yoga, I did singing lessons. I was fortunate enough to have a teacher with a perspective on things. She used a holistic approach and focused on energy and the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.


When began practicing yoga some years later, realized that there were similarities between this ancient science and the art of singing. Both bring benefits  one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Both help unlock the emotions stored in our body. and both make us feel good, bringing us a sense of liberation and allowing us to get to know each other better.


Both singing and yoga require the control of strength and flexibility at the physical and mental level. They also requires awareness, control, and the use of mindful breathing, along with mental concentration and the ability to coordinate the needs of both the mind and body. Singing and yoga lead to wisdom and the expression of the soul.

Why do singers need yoga in their lives?

Achieving a state of harmony between the mind,  body, and spirit is one of the main goals of any singer. That’s why my classes are especially designed with them in mind. 


Pranayama, Asana, and meditation are the ideal tools for responding to this kind of work. 

During class, we will focus on relaxing the diaphragm, practicing postures to improve vocal support, working on body movement, and introducing meditation to complement the other lessons.

We will use vocal meditations and Mantras, as they are perfect to controlling and improving our breathing, allowing us to concentrate and sing with our heart.

Some benefits of yoga for singers:

Improves posture

(poor posture triggers bad breath and makes sound output, projection, and resonance difficult)


Brings a state of relaxation favoring the release of muscle tension


Helps channel the energy of our voice, so that we may convey more emotions while singing

Release emotions

Yoga helps to release emotions in a healthy way and it enables the singer to surrender and interpret the songs in his own truth without pretending

Aligns and balances our chakras

Especially Vishuddha, the most important to be worked in this area 

Working the stability

Balancing postures are very beneficial for working the stability and rooting of the singer


Promotes better body awareness

Activates Anahata

To allow singing with our hearts

For better endurance

Stand on stage

Prepares the singer to stand on stage with the correct posture, even for several hours, without losing voice quality or becoming tired (even in the case of touring, where the singer has many concerts to attend)

Learn about our body

Helps us learn our body and our limits (in order to sing in a harmonious way, we must first know our body and know where to go with our voice)

Manage stress

Yoga increases self-esteem and relaxation. A precise corner of this can manage stress before a performance and help the singer become calm and centered on stage.

And so much more!

Yoga is indeed a way of becoming a better singer. Pranayama, Asana, meditation, and Mantras offer powerful tools for singers.

The singers becomes more aware, more rooted, and can thus pass on their emotions to the audience, which will be infused with the vibrations of love! After all, singing with truth is always with an open heart!